Prexigueiro’s thermal springs and spa. Ribadavia town

Prexigueiro’s thermal springs and spa. Ribadavia town

In 1860 D. Enrique Peinador, a doctor specialized in “Medical Hydrology” who was known and renowned for the medical waters uses and treatment to different patients study. He carried out negotiations to acquire the Prexigueiro Springs settled in Ribadavia town, in order to raise there a great thermal resort. Prexigueiro´s thermal springs were valued by the doctor as a kind of water with important medicinal properties. The mineralized and medicinal Prexigueiro´s springs possess a high curative power, being used for rheumatic, dermatological diseases, antistress and affections of the liver and of the kidney affections.

Due to the local opposition of Prexigueiro’s neighbours against the acquirement process, Mr Peinador forced, finally, to settling the medical resort in Mondariz, changed his initiatives and work from Prexigueiro spring to the Mondariz´s springs proprieties.


In the last years, we have contemplated a revival of the resorts estimating the therapeutic effects of the thermal waters. Great part of this new life derives from a name: “SPA”, those initials comes from the Italian phrase “Salute per Aqua”, health for the water.

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