A Celtic Settlement “El Castro de Troña”

A Celtic Settlement “El Castro de Troña”

“El Castro de Troña” is a Celtic settlement placed in the parish of Pias, (Puenteareas’s municipality). It is settled at 280 metres above sea level in the northwest of the Iberian peninsula at 3 km away from Mondariz Resort. The Celtic culture was developed, during the late Bronze Age up to the beginning of our Age.

The construction of fortified towns known as oppidum (an ancient Celtic settlement) is without a doubt, the best known characteristic of the Celtic culture. The Celtic people were living in these settlements in harmony with forces and elements of Nature.


The enclosure of “El Castro de Troña” has an elliptical or oval shape with wide terraces located in the Western area and a deep pit excavated in the rock in the Eastern part of that area.

The archaeological excavation works campaigns were carried out from 1981 systematically.

“El Castro de Troña”, is one of the widest Celtic settlements of excavated surfaces of the peninsular Northwest.

In 2010 it obtained the category of Property of Cultural Interest.

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