Walking route ” Carballo da Armada “

O Carballo da Armada

Walking route ” Carballo da Armada”, the Lambrico´s druid oak.

Carballo da Armada is a picnic place, with a historic tree of incalculable antiquity.

Adding on, in this area we can find ourselves to be in a wider sacred place, finding indications corresponding to the “Mamaos da Armada” which in turn correspond to prehistoric funerary monuments.

The famous Oak Tree of Armada, an incredible specimen with many centuries of life, is sacred to the neighbors of the area.

This oak according to the popular legend was planted by the Druid Lambrico, the grandson of the Swabian founder of Mondariz, Mondrico. In the Celtic world the oaks were sacred trees dedicated to the god Lugh.


From: Coordinates “O Aloumiño Máxico”
42.233886, -8.417925

To: Coordinates “O Carballo da Armada”
42.223572, -8.438347